Something new is coming…

Advanced Telematix specializes in the consolidation of sensor information for transmission over RF.

Advances Telematix is currently in the process of testing the most advanced hardware that takes advantage of OpenXsensor technology and incorporates its’ power into a simple to use sensor hub.  The Sensor Hub was primarily designed for the radio control hobby industry, but it adaptable to consolidate and gather sensor information for the aerospace and vehicle categories as well.

The AT-V1 Hub is simply plug and play, can use multitudes of sensors readily available in the market, reduces the cost of operations yet increases the enjoyment factor.

The AT-V1 takes advantage of 32bit architecture for high speed processing, has upgradeable firmware, and communicates in the most popular protocols.  The AT-V1 is capable of using sensors from multitudes of providers and allows you to mix and match accordingly.  No need to invest in expensive sensors for your equipment, just select from our list of approved / tested sensor manufacturers and plug it into the sensor hub.

Simply plug in your sensors, then set the scaling on your radio to calibrate the the output and enjoy.

AT-V1 can currently use sensors from: Frsky, Jeti, Multiplex, Graupner.  Mix and match the sensors to suit your needs.

Keep an eye on this spot for the launch of the AT-V1 Sensor Hub.